Philosophy - Never Quit!

The Never Quit!


The motto is: Never Quit! - Quitting is not an option!

The Never Quit! Philosophy has always been in all of us, because the fight for survival is an instinctive part of our existence.
Today, there are more socially determined attributes that characterize a Never Quitter, whether in the private, sports, business or health sector.

The motto is: Never Quit! - Quitting is not an option!

Never Quit! is not just a brand, it’s a Lifestyle.
It’s a "Way of Life" in which we understand how to deal with challenges and that we try to get the best of every situation.

If we make ourselves aware of what Never Quit! actually means, then even the smallest situation or challenge awakes the Never Quitter in us.

Within a sporting contest, a business appointment or in the fight against diseases. In the Never Quit! Understanding we have to develop a new awareness to take destiny in our own hands. We often look for excuses in failure without simply taking the responsibility for it. We are taught to avoid errors in school or our jobs but they are necessary.
We need to attract experience from failure. That would make people better in what they do.

A Never Quitter will always fight for happiness, keep hope and know that life never loses its meaning.

Here are two little Never Quit! stories:

Michael Jordan was cut from the High School Basketball Team twice, told he was not good enough. Michael, undeterred, trained as hard as he could and mastered the game of Basketball.
Michael Jordan had a specific goal and was willing to work for it as hard as it was just necessary to achieve.

Walt Disney was once fired from a newspaper for „lacking imagination“ and „having no original ideas“ . We all know what became of Walt Disney...

He created Mickey Mouse and winner of 22 Academy Awards.
He simply believed in himself and had a clear vision.

These two stories are Never Quit! Stories.
Life offers us a lot of opportunities if we believe in ourselves. When we are ready to fight for our dreams and accept our fate.

A Never Quitter is in each of us, even if we do not know it always.
Everyone fails in life and has to deal with defeat. The important fact is to have the courage to stand up again and keep going.

That's the Never Quit! Philosophy.

To learn from failure is a valuable experience.
Always remember, become better at what you do and be more successful than ever.

The potential lies in YOU. Be ambitious.

It's worth it!
- Never Quit!

Never Quit! Philosophy